Friday, April 25, 2008

Resume title: "passed worked experience"

wow let's see what education this person has...

• High School or equivalent
• Concentration: attend school

Ah, that explains it.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

More fun with Search Engine tracking

Search engine analysis tool disclaimer (again): Part of my job is to research how frequently people search the web for certain words or phrases. The tool I use looks at 30 days of searches from sites like Yahoo! and displays a list of how many times the keywords I happen to be interested in were searched.

Behold the horror of people searching for what they really want:

28 assasin earn job single
700 contract killer
29 become a contract killer
414 murder for hire
27 dallas hire murder
3109 small penis humiliation
530 wizard for hire
26 how to perform an abortion at home

And here are some searches that are so insane, I suspect they are just bugs in the tracking program:

944 dominatrix into life principle shape whip
2289 as fake girl hire i indecent it it make
1285 boss get it job new new right sink swim week
785 become best boss employee getting great keeping rule
516 burning farm in rainbow smoke stoner up utopia went

And finally here are a few of the funniest strings of search words I've seen:

86 ass man stupid things why

893 kill teletubbies